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As an AI software company, Shangtang technology takes the mission of "adhering to originality and letting AI lead human progress" and the vision of "Ai realizes the connection between the physical world and the digital world, promotes the sustainable development of social productivity, and brings people a better combination of virtual and real life experience". It aims to continue to lead the cutting-edge research of AI, continue to build a more expansive and inclusive AI software platform, and promote economic Social and human development, and continue to attract and cultivate top talents to jointly shape the future.

Shangtang technology has profound academic accumulation, and has long been invested in original technology research, constantly enhancing the industry-leading full stack AI capabilities, covering key technical fields such as perceptual intelligence, decision-making intelligence, intelligent content generation and intelligent content enhancement, as well as key capabilities including AI chips, AI sensors and AI computing infrastructure. In addition, Shangtang is looking forward to building a new type of artificial intelligence infrastructure - sensecore Shangtang AI device, opening up computing power, algorithms and platforms, significantly reducing the price of artificial intelligence production factors, achieving high-efficiency, low-cost, large-scale AI innovation and landing, so as to open up the closed loop of business value, solve the problem of long tail application, and promote artificial intelligence to enter the stage of industrial development. Shangtang technology's business covers four sectors: smart business, smart city, smart life and smart car. Relevant products and solutions are highly praised by customers and partners.

Shang Tang advocates the "development" ethics of artificial intelligence, and actively participates in the formulation of industrial, national and international standards related to data security, privacy protection, artificial intelligence ethics and sustainable artificial intelligence, and has carried out close cooperation with a number of domestic and multilateral institutions on the sustainable and ethical development of artificial intelligence. Shangtang "AI code of ethics for sustainable development" was selected by the United Nations AI strategic resource guide and published in June 2021. It is the only AI company in Asia to win this honor.

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